The Pita Pit concept is perfectly positioned to lead the growing market trend towards new fast casual concepts that deliver delicious, high quality, healthy, customizable, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products


Fresh Thinking
Healthy Eating

Pita Pit was founded on the premise that people want an exciting alternative to fast food restaurants; a place with healthy, great-tasting food served fresh, yet still fast. Thus, Pita Pit decided not to rely on breads with a high carbohydrate and fat content. Instead, Pita Pit came up with its own special light and tasty pita to satisfy a more health-conscious demographic. Pita Pit serves quality lean meats grilled to perfection, unique flavorful cheeses, fresh vegetables, exotic toppings and signature sauces which are then wrapped up in a white or whole wheat pita or served as a fresh salad. Every pita is made fresh and is customized to each customer’s unique taste. 


Celebrated Brand

Pita Pit has been highly ranked by numerous organizations and media outlets.

This includes over 25 awards from Entrepreneur Magazine,, Nation’s Restaurant News, Restaurant Business, and Franchise Direct. With over 600 locations worldwide and growing, it’s a very exciting time to be a Pita Pit Master Franchisee! 


Growing Market Demand

Pita Pit’s target market cares about what they put into their body, but don’t want to compromise on taste – at Pita Pit, they don’t have to!

With customers eating habits trending toward low-carb and reduced-fat foods, sandwich bread and pizza crust are losing their popularity. At Pita Pit, we satisfy today’s customers desire for fresh, healthy, and great-tasting food.

Pita Pit also effectively caters to underserved and growing market segments such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, kids and families.  


Proven System

As a Pita Pit Master Franchisee, you’ll benefit from a system that has already proven to deliver terrific value for every operating dollar.

It's a system we’ve been fine-tuning for more than 20 years. Our business model is simple— high streets, school campuses, airports or food-courts - it can be accommodated. Over the years, Pita Pit has perfected its business model to allow our franchisees to achieve success from a variety of different store locations.


BEST IN CLASS  training

Becoming a Master Franchise partner not only gives access to the Pita Pit brand and product offering. You also join a global family whose entire purpose is to make you a success in your market.

From advising on your plan while evaluating the Pita Pit opportunity through comprehensive onboarding support to ongoing coaching and development support you have a team of experts, consultants and friends walking beside you the whole way.

Before you open your first Pita Pit location, we do everything we can to ensure your success, starting with offering you the benefit of a world-class training program at our global training centre.  During the course, you’ll split your time between theoretical training in the classroom and practical training in a live restaurant. The classroom portion of the training will teach you how to hire and train employees, work with food and beverage suppliers, implement effective marketing techniques and manage finances such as labor and food costs. The practical portion of the training has you experience working in a live Pita Pit restaurant. Once your location is built, we repeat the practical training with your new team in advance of your grand opening. Here you’ll learn proper food preparation and organization, inventory tracking, product ordering/receiving from authorized suppliers, effective employee management, store maintenance and exceptional customer service techniques. Our team is there beside you in the run up to your Grand Opening, and stays after to debrief, retrain… and celebrate! This is the first step in a long, profitable and fun journey- a journey that we take together.


Why Now?

Joining Pita Pit is a great way to become part of the booming fast casual restaurant industry.

Our partners benefit from a modern concept and a proven system—one that has undergone twenty years of fine tuning. With customers eating trends shifting toward healthier options, now is the time to become a Pita Pit Master Franchisee.