Pita Pit was founded in 1995 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada by entrepreneur Nelson Lang with the goal of proving that food could be fast, delicious and healthy.

Since then, Pita Pit has grown to be an award-winning leader in the fast-casual segment and the largest Pita sandwich concept in the world with over 620 restaurants across the globe.

With Pita sandwiches as our core product, our menu can address all daily segments including options for underserved market segments such as family and children, vegetarian, vegans and gluten free diners. In the end, it is our grilled-to-perfection Pitas and super friendly service that keep our customers coming back, time after time.

As a closely held private company that is still led by our founder, our focus is 100% on our partners and their success. At Pita Pit you get targeted support that meets your unique needs, while providing your team with the flexibility to adapt to your local market.

The Pita Pit concept is perfectly positioned to lead the growing market trend towards new concepts that deliver delicious, high quality, healthy, customizable, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly products.


Investment / financial requirements

The financial requirements and capital investment required varies by country and region. Master Franchisees are expected to have sufficient net worth and liquidity to acquire and assertively develop the target territory. For specific financial and term details for your country, contact us through the initial Enquiry form here


Partner Evaluation Process: Click here for a guideline to the basic steps to our Master Franchise development process 

Partnership Model: Master Franchise

Pita Pit uses the Master Franchise model to drive international growth. We strongly believe that this model brings together the best of two worlds. Whereas Pita Pit is the expert in the development and delivery of the Pita Pit business model, the Master Franchise partner is the expert in executing the strategy in their local market. This model allows both Pita Pit and the Master Franchisee to focus on their respective strengths. That way Pita Pit can be laser focussed on what we do best: supporting the success of our partners.  

Ideal Partner Profile:

As Nelson says, “it is all about the people”, and this is the primary criterion that we use to evaluate if a prospective partner is a fit. We take joining the Pita Pit family seriously, and look to work with people who we trust to do the right thing with the Pita Pit brand.

We look for partners with:

  • Strong and shared core values
  • Experience introducing brands to your target markets
  • A team with food and beverage experience
  • The financial and human resources to implement an assertive development plan
  • Long term vision and investment horizon

We are always open to receiving and evaluating proposals from great partners around the world! 

Pita Pit is currently actively recruiting partners in Europe, the Middle East and the South and West regions of India. 


Next Step:

If this kind of Fresh Thinking gets you excited then we want to hear from you!


We Call This
Fresh Thinking!

We Call This
Fresh Thinking!

People are changing the way they eat: they’re bored of the same old, same old: burgers, subs & pizza.

They want something unique, healthy, delicious AND crave-able. That's exactly what we deliver at Pita Pit!

With over 620 locations worldwide and growing, Pita Pit is poised for success around the globe. Our global partners not only benefit from our proven business model and support, but also from knowing they're invested in a business that's a source of pride as well as profit.

There’s never been a better time to join our team. We’re seeking fun and motivated groups who share our excitement for the Pita Pit way – and our hunger for success.


Why Us?

It’s a very exciting time to be a Pita Pit Master Franchisee and we invite you to become a part of our Fresh Thinking — Healthy Eating world.

Read on to learn the top reasons to Roll With Us!



In 1995 Nelson Lang rolled out the very first Pita Pit in Kingston, Ontario with a vision to provide a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants.

The success of this “Fresh Thinking” concept led to its franchising across Canada starting in 1997, followed by the United States in 1999. Pita Pit International was formed to bring the Pita Pit concept to the world and has grown steadily since the first international location opened in New Zealand in 2008.

You can read the Case Study on our opening in New Zealand Here.

Nelson is still the heart and soul of the organisation, and his leadership has ensured that Pita Pit is not a faceless corporation. As Nelson would say, it is all about the people.

Pita Pit will always maintain its focus on supporting the many people who have made us a success: our franchisees, our customers and our partners. At Pita Pit, when we succeed, we succeed together.


Our Food

At Pita Pit, we don’t do things the conventional way; we never have and we never will.

Ultimately, this approach starts with our bread: the pita. Our pitas aren’t the boring, stiff, fold-over-type pitas — they’re unique. They are custom-designed to wrap around our delicious, lean grilled meats, fresh toppings, cheeses, and sauces, so it can be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. Yes, anywhere. The office desk, walking down the street, driving the car  —although we don’t recommend this! — and even on the dance floor!


Systems & Support

Partnering with Pita Pit is a great way to become part of the booming fast casual restaurant industry.

Our partners benefit from a very popular concept and a proven system — one that has undergone twenty years of fine-tuning. Additionally, Pita Pit continuously looks for new ways to grow and to develop operational, financial, and marketing systems that ensure each franchisee is receiving the most up-to-date tools for success. It goes along with our idea of “fresh thinking.”